Q Delivery Services provides efficient, high-quality shipping and warehousing services. We take pride in everything we do, ensuring we don’t only meet customer expectations but exceed them. Our quality extends far beyond profits, too – as a company, we also invest our time, energy, and efforts into ESG. Environmental, social, and governance issues matter to us, and we show our care through our actions.


Everyone can do their bit for the environment. As a warehousing and shipping company, we understand that we have the responsibility to deliver goods while keeping the earth in mind. We not only accept responsibility, but we also take action to become a more sustainable, eco-friendly delivery service. Below we have listed the methods we use to ensure that.

Reducing Waste

We endeavour to reduce our waste as much as possible. We lower our consumption of resources across the board, using digital documents instead of paper where possible and purchasing from like-minded, sustainable sources. Our packaging services are also highly efficient, not using more resources than necessary.

Lowering Carbon Emissions

As a delivery service, we understand our responsibility to reduce carbon emissions while transporting goods. We do that by taking the most efficient routes and maximising our loads. As a result, our trucks don’t run half empty, nor do they stay on the road for any longer than necessary. We also have plans to offset our carbon emissions keeping in line with the Net Zero target by 2050.

Staff Training and Awareness

We understand it’s crucial to encourage eco-friendly practices across the board, so we are creating a company-wide culture of sustainability. To do this, we are educating our teams to be aware of the most sustainable practices and rewarding teams when environmental targets are met. We believe in sustainability at every level.

Reviewing Environmental Performance

At Q Delivery Services, we know it’s not enough to implement a few eco-friendly practices and assume that’s enough. We are always endeavouring to improve our sustainability, which is why we routinely review our environmental performance. By seeing the impact of our green-focused introductions, we can work towards an even greener future, continuously adapting to ensure our practices are as eco-friendly as possible.

Social and Governance

It’s not just environmental issues we work towards – we also strive to improve social and governance issues in the workplace. Here is how we manage that.

Ensuring Excellent Working Conditions

From the workers replenishing stock to the truck drivers on the road, we ensure the best working conditions for our staff members. That involves providing a pleasant, clean work environment where everyone feels comfortable, as well as plenty of breaks.

A Diverse Workforce

Our employees consist of a wide variety of people from all backgrounds, creating a diverse workforce. In our warehouses and on the roads, you can expect people with a mixture of values, behaviours, beliefs, and values, all coming together to create a productive team.

Reducing Workplace Risks

To reduce workplace accidents, we start by identifying the most common risks our warehouse workers and drivers face and then developing strategies to ensure they don’t happen. For example, we encourage our drivers to take the correct number of breaks and never spend too long on the road to avoid getting tired while driving.

All of our workers are highly trained – any employees working with potentially dangerous tools can only do once they receive proper certification and have demonstrated their capabilities. We know that health and safety must always be the priority, which is why we do everything possible to keep our employees safe at all times. They trust us to provide an excellent, safe, friendly work environment, and in return, they work hard to deliver a high-quality service.

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